emergency Covid-19 funding for Central and Metrowest MA

Reliant Foundation Provides $116,000 in Covid-19 Emergency Funding

The Reliant Foundation, which delivers grants and community support to increase mental and behavioral health services and substance use programs across Central and MetroWest Massachusetts, has provided an additional $116,000 in emergency funding to 21 non-profits across the region. A number of these organizations offer much-needed mental and behavioral health services for children. 

“As the COVID-19 situation rapidly unfolds, many non-profits in the health and wellness space find themselves having to quickly shift focus and resources. Reliant Foundation reached out to check-in with its recent grant recipients and received an influx of emergency funding requests,” said Kelsa Zereski, the Foundation’s president.

With many of its grantees tasked with establishing essential tele-health and virtual client support, along with emergency childcare and food supply services, Reliant Foundation also approved the repurposing of three previously awarded grants to meet COVID-19 needs.

“While many of our grantees have had to significantly alter the way they deliver services, several have lost critical revenue-generating events and programs. A few have even been forced to close,” added Zereski. “These are programs in high-demand under the most routine circumstances.”

“We recognize we are relatively early into this crisis, and our grantees will likely have additional critical funding needs in the coming weeks and months,” stated Foundation Board Chair Elizabeth L.B. Greene. “Our hope is that private donor support continues to grow so we will be in an even stronger position to respond.”

More information about the Foundation, and how community members can contribute to this emergency funding initiative, can be found at reliantfoundation.org or click here to donate.