Community Grants

The deadline to apply for the next grant cycle (2024) is October 1, 2024.

Download our 2024 Grant Proposal Guidelines here.

istock_64687717_mediumReliant Foundation awards community grants for charitable projects, programs and initiatives of 501(c)3 non profit organizations in our service area that improve the health and well-being of individuals of all ages in the Central and MetroWest regions of Massachusetts.

Our grants range in size between $2,500 to $30,000.

Programs that focus on substance use disorder (primarily the opioid epidemic), mental health/behavioral health services for children and youth, and programs and initiatives which reduce stigma around these issues will be given top priority.

Additionally, we may consider collaborations and programs aligned with the following CHIPs (Community Health Improvement Plans): Worcester, MetroWest, North Central and Greater Milford and/or the priorities of the Community Health Network Areas (CHNAs) within our service area.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organizations based in our service area may apply. Organizations without tax-exempt status may apply through an established non-profit, tax-exempt organization that agrees to provide fiscal oversight. No grants will be made directly to individuals, public or for-profit businesses.

Sponsorships, field trips, pageants, sports teams, PTA/PTO requests and requests that support a single individual are not accepted. We do not typically fund salaries or licensing fees. 

Geographic Area Serviced by the Reliant Foundation

Geographic area in Massachusetts The Reliant Foundation services

What Should be Included in a Grant Proposal to Reliant Foundation?

To be considered for a community grant, follow the instructions included in our grant proposal guideline document.  Applications that do not conform to the guidelines are not likely to be considered.

When are Proposal Deadlines? How Quickly are Proposals Reviewed?

Proposals from non-profit organizations requesting funding from Reliant Foundation must be received by 5:00 pm on October 1, 2024, for consideration during our 2024 grant review period. We currently have one granting cycle annually. Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered. Materials submitted after the deadline may be considered in the next application cycle in 2024. Materials submitted after the deadline may be considered in the next application cycle in 2025.

Proposals that conform to all guidelines are typically considered within six (6) weeks after deadline dates. Please consider mailing or emailing your proposal in early so we have ample time to review.

Please Note: A brief project report giving updates and initial outcomes within six months of the grant award letter date is required in order to qualify for future funding.


Call us at (508)-231-4663 or send us an email at

Mail or deliver proposals to:

Kelsa Zereski
Reliant Foundation
311 Main Street, Suite 202
Worcester, MA 01608

Electronic submissions will also be accepted at