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Foundation Plans to Distribute $700,000 in Grants to Programs
in Central and MetroWest Mass
The Reliant Foundation – which delivers grants and community support to increase mental and behavioral health services, and substance use disorder and recovery programs across Central and MetroWest Massachusetts – has launched its annual Fall Appeal fundraising initiative with a goal of distributing $700,000 in grants in 2020.

“The programs and services we’re proud to support were already critical to the wellbeing of thousands of children and adults, and the impact from COVID has only made the situation more dire,” said Kelsa Zereski, Reliant Foundation’s president. “Since March we’ve provided emergency grants to 35 non-profit organizations who services are a lifeline for the most vulnerable members of our community.”

This year’s efforts focus on supporting dozens of local non-profits in the region that have been challenged to adapt – and in some cases completely reinvent themselves – to align with the community’s needs in this time of COVID. Having distributed more than $220,000 in COVID-related emergency funding already this year, Reliant Foundation hopes the incremental funding from the fall appeal will ultimately support more than 50 non-profits, impacting more than 100,000 lives across the region.

“We know there is widespread public awareness about how difficult it has been for non-profits to operate in the current climate, and it’s our responsibility to have a clear understanding of how the generosity of our donors can make the greatest impact on the children and adults being served by these agencies,” added Zereski. “Every person who contributes to Reliant Foundation should know that their hard-earned money is providing life-saving and life-changing support to tens of thousands across the Central and MetroWest regions of Massachusetts.”

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About The Reliant Foundation

Established in 1988 as a public charity, the Reliant Foundation (formerly operated as the Reliant Medical Group Foundation) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals of all ages in the Central and MetroWest regions of Massachusetts. As a 501(c)3 charity, the Foundation offers grants to non-profit organizations within its service area for the purpose of supporting programs that battle critical public health issues like substance use disorder and mental and behavioral health. For more information, please visit