Donate Securities

Donate Securities, Reliant Medical Group Foundation, Worcester, MAGifts of securities, or stock, are a great way to give a major gift without draining your personal bank account. Additionally, you could realize significant tax savings.

If you have owned the stock you wish to give for at least one year and a day, the mean value of the stock on the date the gift transfers is fully tax deductible, and you will pay no capital gains tax on the transaction.

To make a gift of securities, simply ask your broker to transfer the stock or mutual funds you wish to donate directly to Reliant Foundation. You or your broker should contact us ahead of time with information that includes the name of the stock or fund, number of shares being transferred and how to properly list the donor’s name. Our director will then send you and/or your broker stock transfer instructions in order to complete this transaction.

Please contact us for more information.