Can a “thank you” change a life? Probably. But can a “thank you” save a life?

Just ask “Mr. B”.  He is a Reliant patient, and gifts made to the Reliant Foundation helped save his life this year.

Mr. B had been admitted to the hospital and was in the ICU. While he was there, his blood sugar dropped to dangerous levels, several times. These episodes of low blood sugar or “hypoglycemia” can cause a heart attack, stroke. Even death.  His medical team worked quickly to monitor his blood sugar levels while he was in the hospital. But how would Mr. B manage his sugars, once he was released from the hospital and until his underlying health conditions were diagnosed and treated completely?

Reliant’s Endocrinology Department had just purchased state-of-the-art continuous blood glucose monitors with a grant from BabyDadReliant Foundation. The Reliant team trained Mr. B on the equipment, which he used successfully to prevent another dangerous drop in blood sugar that could have caused a life-threatening situation.

Reliant Foundation grants are based on gifts from our Reliant employees, companies and our grateful patients and families, who together help individuals like Mr. B.

When you thank your doctor, nurse or staff at Reliant for the care they give or the work they have done, they are thrilled. Sometimes, patients or family members of a patient ask if there is some other way to express their gratitude.

Gifts to the Reliant Foundation are a meaningful way to show appreciation for the care or service you’ve received at Reliant.

Gifts of any amount can help families learning about fitness and healthy eating; elders who need rides to medical appointments; young children learning to read; care and comfort items for patients fighting cancer; volunteers growing fresh produce to feed the hungry; and more.

Gifts can help change or save a life. Just ask Mr. B.